1. Selfiez by me.


  2. Hoarders and a random Paler tag.


  3. first of the morning ;-)


  4. Less talking and more listening | less planning and more doing | less soda and more water | less junk food and more salads | less complaining and more encouraging | less worrying and more hoping | less doubting and more believing | less laying around and more working out | less frowning and more smiling | less insecurity and more trust | less weakness and more confidence | less ignorance and more understanding | less hate and more love, less ungratefulness and more gratitude
    —  My New Years Resolution for 2014

  5. Happy New Year everyone! 2012 was an amazing year for me and I really hope 2013 will be just as amazing or even better and I wish the same for you all! Despite the cold Ohio weather I wanted to bring in the new year with a shoot. I’m wearing my new favorite Dimepiece sweater, American Apparel skirt and tights, and Marc Jacobs jewelry. Lets make this year rad!











  15. looking back on some of my favorite photos from 2012..